Antonym in Japanese
おもい heavy - かるい light

This week the Japanese words is : Adjective - heavy / light


おもい かるい

This course will help you gradually learn the uses of adjectives in Japanese. The Adjectives below are analyzed and broken down for better understanding.

Antonym in Japanese – おもい heavy VS かるい light
Kanji : 重い
Kana : おもい
Romanization : omoi
English : heavy

- Use -

Kanji : 軽い
Kana : かるい
Romanization : karui
English : light

- Use -

かる です
かる くない です
かる かった です

By order, in present form, in negative form and in past form

---------- Quiz ----------

What the correct conjugaison for かるい ?
おもい in English?
かるい in English?
What the correct conjugaison for おもい ?

---------- Example ----------

Hover the kanji to see how to read in hiragana or the question mark sign to see the all sentence in romaji.

荷物 です。 


---------- Understand Each Word ----------

荷物にもつ = baggage
かばん = bag

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